Shoot Out at Repentigny Tournament

Repentigny shootout pic

(Update from the President of Repentigny Ringette Association – Gord Britton)

We decided to do a Shoot-Out Challenge, we had a radar gun set up two feet behind a standard hockey net, (4 X 6 ft), with plastic flooring from the goal to 12 feet in front of the net, the shots were taken about ten (10) feet from the net.

We had girls in all the categories, Moustique-5-8 years old , Novice-8-10 years old , Atome-10-12 years old , Benjamine-12-14 years old , Junior-14-15 years old, Cadette-16-17-18 years old , and adults-18 & over.

We had over 150 girls from ages five (5) to eighteen (18) and male and female adults participating in this event. We had eight categories with two adults men and women over eighteen years old.

All the girls wanted to try came with their own stick. We had girls with Nami’s, Chance, Powertech, Tiptech, Stinger, and Ring-Jets.

The shoot out had Chance Sticks and Ring-Jets to test.

All the girls took shots with their own stick, and we let them try the Chance Sticks and Ring-Jets we had on hand,

The Chance SS Sniper Stick gave them 3 to 28 kilometres an hour more on the shot than their own stick, including the Ring-Jets.

They all said the same thing, can I try it again,

The highest shot from our youngest, was 18 km/hr with her Powertech, but hit 33 km/hr with the Chance. The Ring-Jet was not too far behind, but the Chance beat them all day.

Benjamine or Tween, was 69 km/hr with a Nami compared to 80 km/hr with the Chance.

And the highest adult was 90 km/hr, but with a Chance they hit 111 km/hr.

Thanks for helping us out with Chance Sticks Peter, a few people are looking at Chance Sticks now.


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